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User code

N.B. The applications below do not form a part of the Geant4 public release, and are given here for information only.

Application Organisation
ESA Geant4 code repository
Geant4 Radiation Analysis for Space (GRAS) ESA/ESTEC, CERN, QinetiQ GSantin
PLANETOCOSMICS University of Bern, SpaceIT
Geant4 Low-Energy Compton Scattering Package (G4LECS) LANL M.Kippen
Multi-layered Shielding Simulation Software (MULASSIS)
Also available on-line via SPENVIS
QinetiQ, BIRA P.Truscott, F.Lei
Sector Shielding Analysis Tool (SSAT)
QinetiQ P.Truscott, F.Lei
Geant4 Microdosimetry Analysis Tool (GEMAT)
QinetiQ P.Truscott, F.Lei