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Publications and reports

A selection of publications and reports related to the use of Geant4 in space is shown below. Please contact the site administrator if you would like a new item to be listed, or to suggest changes.

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Measuring and Interpreting X-ray Fluorescence from Planetary Surfaces

Anal. Chem., 2008, 80 (22), pp 8398–8405

A.Owens et al.

The Radiation Environment on the Moon from Galactic Cosmic Rays in a Lunar Habitat

Radiation Research, Vol. 173, No. 2, pp. 238-244

Y. Jia and Z.W. Lin

Development of the Small Satellite "Tsubame"

Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, in press

T. Toizumi, et al.

Response Calculations for Silicon-Based Direct-Reading Dosimeters for Use at the International Space Station (ISS)

Radiation Measurements, in press

M. Luszik-Bhadra, et al.

The Radiation Environment Observed by Liulin-Photo and R3D-B3 Spectrum-Dosimeters Inside and Outside Foton-M3 Spacecraft

Radiation Measurements, Vol. 44, Issue 3, pp. 263-272

M. Damasso et al.