GEANT4 Space Users Page

The Geant4 particle transport toolkit, initiated as the CERN R&D item RD44 in 1994, is jointly developed by a world-wide Collaboration and is intended for a range of applications in HEP, medical field, and space physics and engineering.

In the recent years, space and astrophysics has become a significant user category, with applications ranging from instrument and detector response verification to space radiation shielding optimisation, component effects, support of scientific studies, and analysis of biological effects. The various domains include:

  • Space electronics and Space Science detector systems
  • Simulations of astronaut radiation hazards
  • Planetary exploration applications
  • Interfaces and tools to space environment analysis tools such as SPENVIS
  • Cosmic ray magnetospheric propagation analyses
  • Micro-dosimetry
  • Large-scale simulations requiring event biasing and GRID capabilities
  • General shielding optimisation applications