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GEANT4 Space Users

Organisations, institutes, companies, and groups using Geant4 in the space field are kindly invited to provide link information of their projects to the Geant4 Space Users' Page coordinator.

Organisation Country Applications  

INFN Genova Italy Astrophysics and manned missions analyses (BepiColombo, ESA Aurora programme)

LIP Lisbon Portugal Astrophysics experiments on the ISS (EUSO and AMS)

University of Bern Switzerland Charged particle propagation in planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres (PLANETOCOSMICS), SREM

ESA (TEC-QCA) Netherlands Component and instrument analysis for ESA missions

CNES France Component and shielding analysis

ONERA France Component effects prediction (SEE), mission analyses

CERN Switzerland Cosmic ray antimatter astrophysics (AMS)

University of Cologne Germany Development of tools for Non-Ionising Energy Loss simulation

PSI Switzerland ESA Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM)

INFN Trieste Italy Gamma ray astrophysics (GLAST and AGILE)

NRL United States Gamma ray astrophysics (GLAST)

Hiroshima University Japan Gamma ray astrophysics (GLAST, balloon tests)

University of Southampton United Kingdom Gamma ray astrophysics (INTEGRAL)

University of Maryland United States Gamma Ray astrophysics (MILAGRO)

National University of Cordoba Argentina Gamma ray polarimetry (Astrophysics Applications)

LANL United States Gamma-ray astrophysics (GLAST Burst Monitor, Advanced Compton Telescope), Compton physics model development

Imperial College United Kingdom Gravitational wave experiments (LISA, STEP), dark matter search

DSM / DAPNIA / SAP-CEA Saclay France Herschel PACS simulations

SISSA / ISA Italy HERSCHEL PACS simulations

INAF OA Trieste and Padova Italy Herschel simulations

INR Russia Interplanetary shielding applications in the INTAS-00-629 project

INTA Spain Mission and Instruments Radiation Effects Analysis, Tool Developments

ESA (TEC-EES) Netherlands Mission radiation effects analysis (XMM-Newton, GAIA, Smart-2), SpaceGRID

JPL United States Planetary exploration

Johns Hopkins University United States Radiation effects and instrumentation analysis (Cassini, MANES)

KTH Stockholm Sweden Radiation effects in manned missions (ISS Columbus module, DESIRE project)

UCL Belgium Radiation monitor simulations (EPT, OERSTED CPD)

QinetiQ United Kingdom Tool development and analyses ESA missions (XMM-Newton, ESA Aurora programme, SEPTIMESS project)

SLAC United States X-ray and gamma ray astrophysics (GLAST, Constellation-X)

University of Tokyo Japan X-ray and gamma ray astrophysics (MAXI, GLAST)

ISAS Japan X-ray astrophysics (MAXI, ASTRO-E2)